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We all know how much you love gaming, whatever age you are and however often you play. However, with money a little tight you might not be able to splash out on your favourite console or the latest game as much as you’d like. This is why we make it our mission to source some of the most sought after gaming prizes available to all of our UK Prize gaming competition entrants.

Just some of the prizes you might expect to see on this site include the latest Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo console, more accessories for your gaming experience like high tech modded controllers or motion gaming such as the Kinnect, the latest games, classic games and even tickets to gaming events and shows.

Doesn’t it all sound fantastic? Why not enter and get your friends to enter too. This will give you the maximum chances of winning!

We make it even better by offering you many prizes like this in our gaming competitions for FREE. That’s right! We don’t charge you anything for entering our competitions, making us one of the leading prize competition sites in the UK.

You should check back on this site regularly as we often have different prizes come up for grabs. Look out for the closing dates and ensure you get your entry in quickly, as we’d hate for you to miss out on some of the fantastic gaming prizes we are able to get hold of!

To enter some of our fab prizes just decide which prize you’d like and click to enter the draw. After filling in some details (which won’t take you long) you can submit your entry and then keep your fingers crossed until the winner is announced. We choose our winners at random to ensure everything is kept very fair so all you have to do is hope to win until then...

You might also like to browse the other sections of our site where we have some great prize opportunities for you. This includes things like entertainment DVDs, tickets to see a show, holiday vouchers, money off petrol and fashion prizes for you to enjoy.

We regularly update the site to ensure new gaming prizes are added daily, to give you even more chances of getting a win! There will be something on here for everyone so have a browse and think lucky!
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