Want To Get Your Hands On Free Pet Stuff? Read This Great Guide!

One of life’s greatest pleasures is owning a pet. On the other hand, it’s definitely not cheap. Pet freebies prove a wonderful thing for pet owners who want to save some of their crucial cash while still trying out new products. Free stuff doesn’t just have to be for humans, as you can get your hands on plenty of lovely freebies and treats for your furry best friend.

Keep reading into the following paragraphs to learn why, where, and how you can win all kinds of freebies for your four-legged family member.

Are you wondering why companies and businesses give away any freebies in the first place? It’s no different than why companies in other industries or sectors run their own campaigns offering free samplings. They want to generate consumer interest in the various products and services they offer. The thinking is that if you fall in love with things you get for free, you’ll decide they’re worth paying for later on.

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Did you know you can feed your pet without spending money? Pet food samples are easily the most popular of all pet freebies.

Pet food companies understand that there’s no pet food which fits all breeds. Just like human people, pets have their own differences, and that include variation in their tastes, texture preferences, and dietary needs.

If you want to figure out what pet foods work well for your pet, a great way to do it is trying out the free samples that so many companies provide.

Would you like to get a free pet food today? You can get 100-percent cash back on your next full-sized bag from Perfect Fit Pet Food. All you have to do is buy one of the qualifying bags before uploading the details of your receipt online. After that, the money gets transferred back into your account, finally making the transaction free to you!

Keep this tip in mind: Free pet food samples are usually far more personal than most other freebies. You’ll typically have to offer companies details regarding the size, breed, age, and weight of your pet. That’s done so they can make sure the food they give you is appropriate to your pet, as well as increase the chances that he loves it.

Product-testing trials are another way to get pet freebies. If you’re like many consumers, checking the reviews on something is the first thing you do anytime that you buy a new product. Detailed and positive feedback from actual consumers provides what’s called social proof, meaning there’s a better chance you’ll decide to try something yourself.

BzzAgent, Trnd, and The Insiders are just a handful of companies that run various product-testing campaigns for many different things, and pet food shows up in their lists frequently. With a successful application, a pet owner such as yourself can be given a test product at no charge, except the expectation of your honest feedback, critique, and review. Other companies that have done this before have included Bakers, IAMs, and Purina.

Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can score freebies for your pet, but if you’d like to just skip to one of the most effective ones, consider contacting companies and businesses directly for free samples. That works great for any company that primarily does its business online, since online consumers can’t actually see what a product physically looks like without a free sample. As such, it’s the only way they can find out if they or their pet would like it or not.

Target or emphasise the distinct selling point of a company when you contact them. For instance, if you contact a company that specialises in making organic pet food, then be sure you mention to them your personal interest in letting your pet enjoy the organic lifestyle. Also, if your pet already has specific requirements which this business is know to cater to, definitely mention that too! More than anything, mind your manners when you email them. Despite how many companies offer free samples, they’re never obligated to do so. Express interest one of their products, and chances are good that your efforts are going to yield results.

Keep your eyes open for discounts and coupons, as these can save you money on pet things. Make a list of your favourite pet brands and then follow them on any social media platforms you’re active on. It won’t take long to start seeing their most recent deals and discounts in your browser. Many of them might be for only 50p off, but if you get enough of them or use them regularly, they can add up.

Your bet bills are another area of pet care you can get help on, and this can be badly needed relief to your wallet or purse. You never enjoy seeing your precious pet in pain, either, so you need all the lucky breaks you can get, right?

Fortunately, there’s more than one way to get some help with any vet bills you might face in the future.


The Peoples Dispensary For Sick Animals

Also, known as the PDSA, it’s the leading vet charity in the UK. They offer free vet services to anyone already getting eligible state benefits while residing in the postcode catchment area of a PDSA pet clinic or hospital. Visit the PDSA website today to see if you qualify for these free vet treatments.


Blue Cross Animal Clinics And Hospitals

These places provide their veterinary services for free to anyone on a low-enough income while receiving particular state benefits. There’s also limited availability of an ambulance service which can carry pets, along with their housebound owners, that can’t get to one of the London clinics on their own. The Blue Cross website can help you determine your eligibility.


Pet Insurance

If you don’t personally qualify for any of the free vet services available, then it’s crucial that you plan ahead. The last thing that you ever want to do is see your pet’s health fall off followed by you getting nailed with a big bill.

Pet insurance is not something which has to cost a lot, so just be sure you do some shopping around for the policy which suits your needs and circumstances best.

If you only need insurance to cover bet bills, just pick the one which covers that. On the other hand, you can pick out policies which cover all kinds of potential eventualities, such as the following:

    • Vet treatments like check-ups and operations

    • Compensation for the demise of a pet covered by a policy

    • Liability for any damage your pet might cause someone else to suffer

    • Coverage for costs of looking after a pet should you fall ill or incapacitated

You can use sites like MoneySupermarket and Compare The Market to compare pet insurance policies.


Pets At Home Offers Free Pet Consultations

Pets At Home pride themselves on being sure pet owners can be as empowered as is possible.

Not only will Pets At Home prove a great place to find your family’s newest fluffy friend, you can also enjoy numerous in-store sessions which help you take the best possible care of your pet.


1) Free Nutrition Consultations For Cats And Dogs:

If you are having trouble to figure out the best food for a picky puppy, then definitely take advantage of an in-store nutrition consultation, especially considering how it costs you nothing. Experts in pet food nutrition will be available to give you advice on which foods are best for your pets. You’ll also get a free bag of sample food as part of the consultation on top of a 25-percent off voucher you can used on advanced nutrition food. Book your appointment today, conveniently online.


2) Free Kids Pet Workshops:

If you have little ones in your home on top of pets, then you need to teach them how they can be responsible for owning a pet, as well as how rewarding it is. Pets At Home uses school holidays as prime time to run numerous workshops at their locations around the country. These are fun-filled events using hands-on activities to entertain and education your kids at the same time. If you’d like to spend even more time having free fun with your kids, check out the regularly updated Free Days Out page for possibilities across the country.


3) Super Breed Sundays Are A Good Time To Learn About Your Breed:

Pets At Home wound up creating a great meeting place where you can not only learn about your own dog’s breed but also meet owners like you.

Every dog breed is unique with distinct characteristics in terms of traits, behaviours, recommended diet, and exercise needs. Super Breed Sundays let you learn how you can take the best care of your own breed. They’re great for any first-time dog owner, as you get a thorough education about the essentials your dog needs at home.


4) Free Checks Of Your Fish Tank:

This in-store service is a free way to check out the water inside your fish tank. Just bring in a sample of the water from your fish tank into the store, and a trained staff member can help you analyse the suitability.

To win more pet freebies, enter any company giveaways available!

Pet companies are like any other, and they do promotional giveaways. Giveaways and related competitions are good ways for them to generate brand awareness by getting prospective consumers interested in their products.

Whether you possibly win new pet toys or just a bag of tasty treats, any week or month of the year is going to have giveaways or competitions you can enter.